17th July 2023

The UK government has unveiled its third National Adaptation Programme (NAP3) today which sets out a strategic five-year plan to boost resilience and protect people, homes, businesses and our cultural heritage against climate change risks such as flooding, drought and heatwaves.

From helping homes, schools and hospitals prevent overheating to safeguarding our food and energy supply chains from disruption, the publication of the third National Adaptation Programme marks a step-change in the UK government’s approach to climate adaptation, setting out in one place the ambitious programme the government is undertaking to address the key climate risks facing the country.

Government plans for adapting the UK to the effects of climate change have been labelled as “deeply disappointing”.

The latest National Adaptation Programme had been expected to be published on Tuesday, but was released on Monday following a leak to The Guardian newspaper.

The 140-page document offers a five-year plan that ministers said would boost resilience and help protect people, homes and businesses from heatwaves, droughts, floods and the other damaging impacts of climate change.

It comes after the Climate Change Committee, which advises and monitors Government progress on the issue, warned that ministers had not made enough progress in adapting to climate change.

We’ve got the Government talking about doing research to work out why and how buildings overheat instead of actually putting in place the measures to address it

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas