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When will the World say ‘Enough’ to this ludicrous Annual Trade Fair?

Blog by Kimberley Hare, 15 December 2023

When will the World say ‘Enough’?




Newsletter #8

July – December 2023

Our 8th newsletter is here.  Read all about the way HEART Community Group is changing, and catch up on the many recorded conversations we’ve hosted over the past few months.  Go to the newsletter here:

HEART Community Group Newsletter #8





Newsletter #7

April – June 2023

See what we’ve been up to in the last quarter by reading our latest newsletter – with a theme of food security



Go to the newsletter here:

HEART Community Group Newsletter #7



Getting Off the Hamster-Wheel – Where do you put your Attention?

21 May 2023

by Kimberley Hare

Getting Off the Hamster-Wheel | HEART Community Group




Purple Bins

A blog by Nicky Clark – 24 April 2023

Purple Bins





Newsletter #6

Here’s our latest newsletter covering the period January to March 2023.  Check out what we’ve been up to – and find useful resources and latest news.





29 March 2023

A blog by Chantal Burns of HEART Community Group all about 20-minute neighbourhoods.

20-minute neighbourhoods : Just what we need or a threat to your freedom?







25 March 2023

Our latest blog, by Nicky Clark, describes a fabulous Intergenerational Climate Conversation held at Sir John Lawes School in Harpenden on Thursday 23rd March 2023, at which HEART Community Group were part of a panel.



Well done to all the members of the School’s Climate Action Club for organising this brilliant evening!


25 February 2023

Learn more about the risks we face in the UK in terms of Food Security

Yes, we have no Cucumbers



27 January 2023

Our latest blog on Finding your Thread:

Towards Answering the Question:

“What is Mine to Do in the Meta-Crisis?”

offers SEVEN PATHWAYS that help in your journey of discovery.

“Do not try and change the whole word, or do anything grandiose,

Instead, create a clearing in the dense forest of your life – and wait there patiently

Until the song that is your life falls into your cupped hands, and you recognise and greet it.

Only then will you know how to give yourself to this world – so worthy of rescue”

Martha Postlethwaite


Our December 2022 Newsletter is here!

See what we’ve been up to over the last quarter.

And wishing you a peaceful restive season


Read our latest blog written by

Kate Swindells of HEART Community Group

At the end of November, Hertfordshire County Council held a one-day topic group marking the anniversary of COP 26. The purpose was to scrutinise the preparedness of HCC directorates in responding to changing climates and how service users access them in this changing environment, especially the more vulnerable members of our community.

One of the four ‘Lead’ ambitions of the Sustainable Hertfordshire Strategy is for “All operations and services to be ready for future climates.”


The Illusion of Renewable Energy and Green Growth

The Illusion of Renewable Energy and Green Growth






HEART’s summary newsletter covering July – September 2022







4 Columns April 2022 v6

Why your premise about the Climate and Ecological Crisis matters


Contact us at if you’d like us to share a Facilitator Guide for using the 4-Columns graphic in groups. 






Which Column are you in?

A short blog from July 2022

Which Column are you in?








A Report on HEART’s special event held on 25 June 2022 in St Albans

with special guests Professor Rupert Read, Daisy Cooper MP, and others.  You can watch Rupert Read and other special guests speaking here

Read all about it here:

Report on HEART’s Special Event held on 25 June 2022 in St Albans | HEART Community Group






HEART Community Group Newsletter June 2022

Our summary newsletter covering March to June 2022







HEART Newsletter 2 March 2022

Our summary newsletter covering the first three months of 2022






HEART Community Group’s End-of-2021 Newsletter

A summary of some of the stand-out moments from the last year for our Community Group

Learning to Adapt Deeply – Together


Crushing Climate Impacts to Hit Sooner than Feared

HEART Community Group:

12 months into our Journey

The Race to Resilience

Climate Distress – 7 Insights that can Help