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We are financing our way into extinction. A combination of deforestation, industrial agriculture and overexploitation of resources is destroying the ecosystems and biodiversity on which we all depend. It is exacerbating climate change and raising the risk of future pandemics. It is destroying the rights and livelihoods of Indigenous and local communities. And it is pushing us ever-closer to dangerous tipping points in the Earth’s system, such as the loss of the Amazon rainforest.

Global Canopy is changing this. We’re a data-driven not for profit that targets the market forces destroying nature. Working with partners around the world, we identify and make accessible the data needed to transition away from this destructive status quo. Our data, metrics and insights are enabling companies, financial institutions and governments to tackle their hidden sustainability risks – while at the same time enabling campaigners and the media to hold to account those that are failing to act.

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