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Those of us in the ecopsychology community, authoring this website, are passionate about making a collective shift towards living regeneratively. As ecopsychologists we’re aware that the shift is not only practical, but also calls for a change in consciousness. We look for change in the way we humans (especially, but not only, in the so-called West or Global North) have come to see ourselves in relation to the rest of life. In particular we seek a re-visioning of the divide we’ve put between our own species, other species and everything that is not human, or deemed not ‘useful’ to humans. We come from a diverse range of backgrounds: therapists, environmentalists, academics, business consultants, doctors, as well as ceremony makers, gardeners, journalists, teachers, film-makers, ecologists, artists, horticulturalists, activists, writers…. and many of us move between several of these worlds.

Ecopsychology is an emerging field; a discipline, an art form, a practice, which bridges between professions and trades, between ways of thinking, between head, heart and hands. Whilst we are a mix of women, men, and those who identify in a less binary way, we are also aware that many of us in this community are white and from a ‘western’ background. Our hope is that this changes as the community becomes more diverse and accessible.

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