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We need to work together to tackle the root causes of the problems we face. The record levels of inequality and renewed austerity, the oppression of entire groups of people and the destruction of the natural world – just a few of the big challenges – are all connected by a dysfunctional political and economic system. These are big challenges. Yet it’s rare that campaigners and activists have the opportunity to step back and look at how we build the kind of movement that will create meaningful change.  Where we can draw connections and build solidarity between issues and where we can develop collective strategies that put liberation at the centre of what we do. Campaign Lab is designed to be just this kind of space. We intentionally bring together rising leaders from across civil society – from grassroots and faith group organisers, to trade unionists,  and NGO staff – to do just this.  We look both outwards – at the interconnected challenges we face – and inwards – at the kind of people we need to be to support each other. It is a space that values community, open-mindedness and collaboration: where we build practical strategies together, where we support each other in our struggles, and where everyone feels able to participate.

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