What is

Mine to Do?


This page accompanies Kimberley Hare’s book called “What is Mine to Do – and Who can I do it with?” published June 2024.

It contains a list of organisations working on the meta-crisis – including climate and ecological breakdown.  It is in alphabetical order.  Many of these organisations would welcome your energy and resourcefulness – get involved!

Regenerative Food and Farming UK

Website: https://regenerativefoodandfarming.co.uk/

Farming with Nature helps build resilience to our changing climate as well as reducing the severity of climate change.  It can take vast amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through natural processes. Its nature-friendly methods allow wildlife to return to our countryside, and improve the welfare of farm animals. Healthier soils mean healthier food for us to eat, and a landscape more resilient to floods and drought. We explain how and why all this is important, and support people to grow food and farm regeneratively.

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