It can be tough to find places where we can share authentically about what’s going on in our hearts and minds at these times.  We often go hungry for the depth of conversation that can be lacking. Many people say that it’s like living in two different worlds – the ‘normal’ world where everybody continues to go about business as usual as though nothing is wrong, and the world that opens up for us as we wake up to the truth of the meta-crisis facing us.

These calls allow us to:

  • Witness and connect with our emotional responses to the meta-crisis we face
  • Be alongside others who dare begin to let it in, and to hold a safe space while unpacking how we feel
  • To explore what might be our own personal ‘thread’ to pick up – what is ours to do?

This is NOT about climate activism, coming up with plans or strategies – it’s less about DOING and more about BEING fully human.  Less about discussion, more about feeling.

How we can support each other to tell the story of our lives – and maybe a story that we can be proud of  – no matter what happens?

Grief (if that is what we are feeling) isn’t supposed to be done alone.  If we block or numb our grief – we block our vitality.  We numb our joy.  But however, you’re feeling, you will find a warm welcome at these calls.

There is no need to commit to coming each week – just whenever you feel the need to deeply connect with others, and to be fully heard and seen exactly as you are.

Contact for how to join.