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We are a grassroots group of ordinary people, backed by some of the world’s leading climate scientists and ecologists. As the climate and extinction crisis worsens, we’re setting our long-term vision on 50% of the country being rewilded by 2050. That’s a big goal, so we’re starting by asking the country’s biggest landowners to urgently commit to ambitious rewilding projects to get us started.

But where did it all start? In 2021, Wild Card’s co-founders discovered two unbelievable facts. The first was that Britain, an island of self-professed nature lovers, is in the bottom 10% of global nations for biodiversity. The second was that land ownership in Britain is more unequal than almost any other nation on earth with 50% of our land owned by less than 1% of the population. We realised these two things couldn’t be a coincidence. And yet none of those big well-funded nature charities that your gran gives money to each month were being brave enough to hold Britain’s biggest landowners to account. We knew we had to act.

Today we have three missions:

1. To persuade the UK’s largest landowners to rewild 50% their lands by 2050.

2. To persuade the UK government to adopt policies that give communities the power to control and rewild their local landscapes.

3. To help everyone in our country realise our deep and sacred interconnection with nature.

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