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Trees for Life is a rewilding charity based in Scotland, committed to creating large-scale environmental change in the Scottish Highlands. Focused on restoring the once-extensive Caledonian forest, the charity’s vision includes the rejuvenation of entire ecosystems. Our efforts aim to foster biodiversity and encourage the natural processes that sustain life in our ancient woodlands.

A significant part of Trees for Life’s work involves collaborating with various stakeholders, including local communities, other conservation groups, landowners, and volunteers, to broaden our impact on the landscape. Working with people is essential to our mission to rewild the Scottish Highlands and, by doing so, providing a solution to the climate and biodiversity crises.

Trees for Life is also working to protect existing species and promote reintroductions of new keystone species, notably creating new populations of red squirrels and championing the expansion of beaver to their original habitats. These reintroductions are vital for ecological balance, playing a crucial role in habitat creation and maintenance. Trees for Life is not only restoring a vital part of Scotland’s natural heritage but also creating a living, thriving landscape where wildlife and people can flourish together.

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