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“ECOCIDE” is a word to describe what is happening to our planet; the mass damage and destruction of the natural living world. It literally means “killing one’s home”.
And right now, in most of the world, no-one is held responsible. It’s time to change the rules. It’s time to protect our home. We are working, together with a growing global network of lawyers, diplomats, and across all sectors of civil society, towards making ecocide an international crime.

“The rules of our world are laws, and they can be changed. Laws can restrict or they can enable. What matters is what they serve. Many of the laws in our world serve property – they are based on ownership. But imagine a law that has a higher moral authority… a law that puts people and planet first. Imagine a law that starts from first do no harm, that stops this dangerous game and takes us to a place of safety….” Polly Higgins, 2015

“We need to change the rules.” Greta Thunberg, 2019

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