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As Psychologists for Future / Psychotherapists for Future (Psy4F) we apply our psychological and psychotherapeutic expertise towards:

  • the rapid and comprehensive resolution of the socio-ecological crises;
  • the promotion of a sustainable, healthy, democratic, socially and globally just future.

The ruthless exploitation of ecosystems, living beings and resources is becoming more and more drastically evident in multiple crises: among others, the climate crisis, the biodiversity crisis, the destruction of nature, environmental pollution, large-scale animal cruelty and resource crises. This has strong societal disruptive potential and far-reaching social consequences such as increasing conflicts, bigotry, psychological distress, diseases, poverty, hunger, forced migration, disputes about the distribution of resources, or wars. This presents a severe danger to democracies worldwide. Our livelihoods and future are under considerable threat.

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