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Ground Effect is an animist investment vehicle. We represent the interests of life on Earth to realize ecological and spiritual renewal.

In our worldview the Earth is vividly alive, we are alive with it, and everything is kin. This inspires our two central objectives:

1. To reunify humans as “nature,” and

2. To advance an animist worldview of interdependence between all beings

We support initiatives that place Earth’s living systems at the center of human economic and ethical considerations. This brings us into an active dialogue with emerging questions of how nature will be financialized, valued and priced. 

To approach this enquiry we set aside human exceptionalism, striving to include the perspectives of ecosystems, species and life-processes in our mindful capital deployment. Our investment commitment is to lend credence to daring undertakings that give nature and its stewards visibility and empowerment. We work to promote nature’s agency and regeneration within financial, political and technological systems. We do so with a sensitivity to how quantifying nature to satisfy market mechanisms could lead to its further abstraction, risking the alienation of humans from the aliveness of the world, and reducing our inheritance of billions of years of evolved life into an agreeable metric.

As Ground Effect, we seek to practice and advance multiple ways of seeing, feeling and relating to a wider planetary community of beings. We are electrified by the challenge of listening to, translating and embodying Earth’s many intelligences. This is how we try to humbly correct for the voicelessness and subordination of the larger web of life.

Our human bodies are thrillingly capable of perceiving and communing with all of life. We strive to awaken biophilia — the innate instinct to lovingly connect with the nature that we are — and to re-enchant humans to the beauty of the world.

With these principles, our aim is to conscientiously seek long-term environmental, social, and spiritual returns, guided by a profound reverence for the interconnectedness of all the beings of our biosphere.

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