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Real people. Real stories. Real action. Welcome to Eco Action Families! We aim to help you learn more about the ecological and climate crisis that we are all facing, and inspire you to take ACTION!

Action comes in many forms and works on many levels from personal changes in the home, to school and community campaigns, to national, political campaigning and civil disobedience. Often it starts with the urge to learn more and go beyond the mainstream media headlines. Something awakens in us as we notice for ourselves that all is not well in the world. We look at our loved ones, the places we cherish and the incredible gifts and beauty of nature and we realise that they desperately need protecting. Every bite we eat and every breath we take relies on a healthy environment, and yet we are destroying ecosystems, filling the world with toxic chemicals, plastic waste and carbon emmissions, whilst consuming, consuming, consuming….

This one precious and finite planet is our only home. The time has come for a different story….

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