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Climate Museum UK is an experimental museum that curates and gathers responses to the Earth crisis. Founded by a collective of creatives including Bridget McKenzie, Justine Boussard, Victoria Burns, Clemence Aycard, and others, this innovative museum operates on the concept that a climate museum can exist anywhere. The team members are distributed across the UK, each contributing to a diverse range of collections aimed at opening imaginations to possible futures. Climate Museum UK organizes “activations” in collaboration with local partners, encouraging communities to play, create, talk about, and take action on the Earth crisis. Each team member curates their own collection, which may include resources, handling objects, or art created by themselves or participants. The museum’s mission is to develop the capacities of museums and creative practitioners to engage communities with environmental issues in ways that are imaginative and transformative.

Bridget McKenzie, one of the founders, brings her expertise from previous roles as Education Officer for Tate and Head of Learning at the British Library. She emphasizes the importance of direct, public-facing participatory engagement and aims to create learning opportunities for cultural organizations and individual practitioners. As our understanding of climate change evolves, museums like Climate Museum UK are shifting from therapeutic actions to systemic actions that address the truth of our disrupted relationship with nature. A visionary museum inspiring learning, dialogue, and action, creating powerful exhibition experiences and a range of interdisciplinary programs for all ages to build community around climate education and solutions and move together toward a safer and more just future.

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