What is

Mine to Do?


This page accompanies Kimberley Hare’s book called “What is Mine to Do – and Who can I do it with?” published June 2024.

It contains a list of organisations working on the meta-crisis – including climate and ecological breakdown.  It is in alphabetical order.  Many of these organisations would welcome your energy and resourcefulness – get involved!

Re-Action Collective

Website: https://re-action-collective.org/

Re-Action amplifies the voice and impact of sustainability pioneers in the outdoor sports sector. We build our impact by engaging with existing outdoor sports communities.

How? Through a collective of kindred spirits. Working together we share the know-how to drive the future of conscious outdoor gear. Our members rescue products, revive them through repair and rebranding and repurpose them. They then redistribute items through resale, rental and donation and reallocate profits to regenerate the outdoors. Together, we make getting outdoors, running, cycling, climbing, surfing, sailing and participating in snow sports more affordable and accessible.

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