What is

Mine to Do?


This page accompanies Kimberley Hare’s book called “What is Mine to Do – and Who can I do it with?” published June 2024.

It contains a list of organisations working on the meta-crisis – including climate and ecological breakdown.  It is in alphabetical order.  Many of these organisations would welcome your energy and resourcefulness – get involved!


Website: https://www.impaakt.com/about-us

How can we make companies accountable for their impact on the planet?

We reinvent the way we measure them.

Behind Impaakt, came years of work inside some of the largest financial institutions in the world. Yes, you read that right, our community founders came from the finance world. Surprising? It shouldn’t be. Investors steer capital to companies all over the world that profoundly impact our everyday lives. Those companies are the largest contributors to environmental & social issues and thus hold a great deal of power over the progress toward a sustainable future. With the right investment companies having a positive impact on the planet are able to flourish. And those having a negative impact are challenged to change or risk having investors put their capital elsewhere.

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