What is

Mine to Do?


This page accompanies Kimberley Hare’s book called “What is Mine to Do – and Who can I do it with?” published June 2024.

It contains a list of organisations working on the meta-crisis – including climate and ecological breakdown.  It is in alphabetical order.  Many of these organisations would welcome your energy and resourcefulness – get involved!

Earth 4 All

Website: https://earth4all.life/

Earth4All is a vibrant collective of leading economic thinkers, scientists, and advocates, convened by The Club of Rome, the BI Norwegian Business School, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Building on the legacies of The Limits to Growth and the Planetary Boundaries frameworks, science is at the heart of our work. Leading scientists have developed state of the art systems dynamic models and run different scenarios for possible plausible futures.

Earth4All is guided by a Transformational Economics Commission, made up of economic thinkers from across the globe to explore new economic thinking and test the model outcomes. The third pillar is a global campaign that aims to make the Earth4All vision a reality, advocating for governments to adopt policies that will enable resilient and healthy societies.

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