“The Edge” – A 4-day Retreat

7 – 10 May 2023

(Sunday through to Wednesday)

I’m delighted that we will be joined by Professor Rupert Read as guest facilitator

Spring 2023

Places are limited and this retreat will fill up very soon!

Contact kim@heartofthriving.com to express your interest in reserving a place.

Are you somebody who has woken up to the climate and ecological emergency we are facing?

This is a 4-day retreat for people who wish to inquire, in good company, into the questions:

  • So, what’s most important now?
  • What’s my ‘thread’ to pick up? How can I make a difference?
  • What does it mean to live well now?  How can I tell a story of my life that I’m proud to tell – no matter what happens?

The experience is designed to support you in being able to stand tall and look our interconnected predicaments in the face – from a place of courage, clarity, resilience and creativity.  To deepen your inquiry into what matters most now.

There are three threads we’ll weave together over the retreat:

Transformative Adaptation & Deep Adaptation

How can we prepare and adapt now for what might be a very different way of life?

How can we use our agency – in the places where we live and work – to build resilience and push for a different kind of society?

As well as the material and lifestyle changes that are needed, we’ll explore Deep Adaptation.  Building on the work of Professor Jem Bendell, and his 4R’s framework, we’ll inquire deeply into the 6R’s, and what they mean in terms of our own lives.

The 6R’s are:

  • RESILIENCE – What is it that we most value and how can we keep that? How can we build and sustain our resilience – both inner and outer? What’s MOST important now?
  • RELINQUISHMENT – What can we give up in order not to make matters worse?
  • RESTORATION – What can we bring back that has been lost?
  • RECONCILIATION/RECONNECTION – What can we do to make peace with, love and support others? How can we live with kindness, joy and peace?
  • REVERENCE – What do you want me to know?  Who do you want me to be?  What do you want me to do?
  • RE-IMAGINING – What’s the story of ALL life (including other-than-human) that I’m proud to tell now? How can we imagine and create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible?

There are no simple blueprints, no one right way, no universal action plans we can follow. Indeed, Deep Adaptation has been described as largely “an invitation into maplessness”.

However, we do seem to experience ‘nudges’ from wisdom, that we can choose to trust and follow. I love to imagine that we are all weaving something together – but there are an infinite number of individual threads – and there are some that may be ours to pick up.

Joanna Macy’s “The Work that Reconnects”

The central purpose of the Work that Reconnects is to help people uncover and experience their innate connections with each other and with the systemic, self-healing powers of the web of life, so that they may be enlivened and motivated to play their part in creating a regenerative and sustainable civilization. We will journey around a spiral of Gratitude, Honouring our Pain, Seeing with New Eyes and Going Forth over the days of the retreat.

The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought

Sometimes called the Inside-Out Understanding, the game-changing insights to be seen here are truly profound and valuable for anyone wishing to navigate from love, courage, compassion, well-being, clarity and innate resilience. Regardless of what’s going on around us.

And of course, we’ll be drawing on our own individual and collective resourcefulness, creativity and wisdom.


The retreat will be held at Hunton Park, Hertfordshire, England. You will need to be available for all four days, and the experience will be highly immersive.

The retreat is being offered by Kimberley Hare as part of the gift economy – so there is nothing to pay. You will just need to fund your own travel and accommodation. You will have the option of staying at the venue itself, and if you do so you will settle your own bill on departure. Lunches and refreshments are provided.

Here’s what just a few people are saying about the retreats that have taken place recently:

“What a treat, and what a relief – I’m not losing my marbles, or if I am, at least I’m not alone! Spending four straight days in the company of wonderful people who ‘get it’ and feeling free and uncensored in conversation was such a privilege.  Deeply listening to others and being heard myself was an enlightening and enriching experience.  We didn’t even actually talk that much about specific climate issues – we just knew we all understood the backdrop.  The activities and exercises were fun, powerful and sometimes very challenging, but there was always a strong feeling of being supported and cared for. I trusted Kim implicitly to look after us all. I loved exploring deep feelings and felt honoured to be present while others shared their stories. I felt deep connection that I haven’t felt for a long time, with complete strangers, more connection after a few days than years with colleagues or friends.  I came away feeling nourished, lighter and clearer, and determined to go forward with joy and love into whatever my thread is – and with some ideas! I had regained some faith in humanity. Going back to work and being back in the ‘real’ world is still quite difficult, but I now feel I have some skills to deal with these challenges in a kinder and more loving way, and the on-going care and contact with Kim and the others is invaluable and keeping the flame lit inside.  Kim, you are doing an amazing thing here – thank you so much”.  Nicky Clark

“I cannot recommend ‘The Edge’ retreat highly enough. A profound, invigorating, transformative four days, The Edge let me step away from that sensation of running up the down escalator that is everyday life into a loving, intimate, challenging space that left me with a renewed sense of peace and purpose. For anyone grappling with who we should be in these times, how we can face a world of increasing chaos and collapse with courage and acceptance, The Edge allows that deep meditative dive, both inward and outward, to where answers can make themselves known. Strangers at breakfast became friends by lunchtime, with a great deal of vulnerability expressed, a great deal of fear, wisdom, grief, strength, honesty and love. There was also a great deal of laughter. It was everything I’d hoped it might be and more, like getting a full body and face tattoo in invisible luminous ink.”  Jasper Gibson

“Four days of challenge, facing up, letting go and beginning to move on in the predicament of irreversible climate change and its consequences for everything on our planet.  Kim facilitates with clarity, courage and compassion, helping our group of all ages to create deep connections and communication that will support us from now on.  It’s a roller coaster of emotion and thinking, but Kim never left us to flounder.   For me, it’s helped me to make clear and reaffirm what I need and want to do in dealing with climate change, and that has reduced the anxiety, anger and sometimes depression I had been feeling strongly previously. I’m feeling steelier, and at the same time more kind – imbued with more clarity, courage and compassion too”.  Lu Overy

“I expected to come away from Kim’s The Edge retreat more informed and possibly more motivated. I never expected to experience such a profound sense of having a place in the world, of feeling supported and of feeling ready to trust myself to be ready for what comes next. This retreat unexpectedly renewed my love of humanity and I am now living with a very visceral gratitude for our planet that touches me every day. Thank you Kim and Ben and all the other lovely people on the retreat.”  Annabel Foley

“Do you remember that Channel 4 logo of different, coloured shapes randomly whirling around? Then they snapped together and made the figure 4. Metaphorically, I feel I’ve got a bit of that going on.  It feels full of potential, timely and fulfilling. I’m processing.  The Edge retreat was like nothing I’ve ever done before.  On a surface level I enjoyed it enormously and was very impressed with the scope, pace, variety and content.  At a deeper level it has set something in motion for me that I’m still working on. I feel lighter somehow, having put down the burden of the fight of trying to get people to ‘do’ something about climate collapse. Kim is a very skilled facilitator, clearly very experienced; helping us grow and explore with loving kindness, good humour and expertise. I came away feeling I have been in touch with my old tribe.”  Gilly Chegwyn

“I came to your retreat not knowing what it would offer but knowing I was in need of respite from the relentless fight for climate action. What I experienced over the four days changed my perspective and allowed me to understand that preparing for change as a community is as important as if not more important than fighting for it to happen by others. I came away with a sense of inner peace and strength that I can tap into to be resilient in the work I feel called to do and to help build resilience in others. Kim is a wonderfully generous, insightful and intuitive guide, and our group developed a very strong bond over the four days. Truly inspiring, uplifting, grounding and resonating – and full of tears and laughter.  I’m so glad I came.”  Vicky Wyer

“What an incredible gift to explore the meaningful and expansive questions of our time within a loving community willing to cry, laugh, and express from the heart.  I felt I was able to meet unknowns, confusion, and grief, about our changing world from a place of growing authenticity.  I’m excited to see how this clarity and courage will continue to unfold, and will carry the powerful inspiration and support from the group with me.  Kim led with passion, awareness, and an open heart.  I’m still figuring out what hope means for me, but this experience opened the door wide.”  Olive Howland-Milne

“The Edge retreat was a rare and important opportunity to take stock, reorientate and locate myself deeply in my core values and how I will live them out as we move forward into this time of incredible change and unknown difficulty. It is a real gift to have had this time and space to come to terms, and understand both myself and what is coming on a deeper level.”  Georgia Twigg

“I found the Edge retreat a powerful, important and enjoyable experience.  Even before we started. Kim interviewed us to make sure we were ready to deal with the retreat. She sent out homework to prepare us in good time.  The venue was lovely and we agreed as a group a set of guidelines to make the retreat a safe place for people to share.  There was a variety of exercises and videos to explore the theme of societal collapse and to deepen the trust within the group. Even though we were looking at challenging material there was a feeling of joy much of the time as well as the chance to grieve the expectations we were losing for ourselves and future generations.  There was time for breaks, lovely food and an invitation to take care of ourselves by taking time out whenever we needed to.  We explored the important challenges of how to live our lives in the light of this awareness and how to speak to others in our lives.  The other participants were wonderfully varied people with different gifts and we are communicating with each other to help to make the changes we choose in our lives. It was a privilege to participate in this retreat and I am grateful to Kim for her generosity”.   Stephen Marcus

“I found this retreat to be immensely supportive.  From the morning of day one I knew I would find ‘what it was mine to do’ with regard to where I find myself in relation to climate overshoot.  I met great people of like mind and just rested in their support and understanding.  The bond of love which built between us was or is the very foundation of deep adaptation.  From this experience of recognition and deep acceptance (at least for now) of what is, within and outside of me (both pain and a loving acceptance of what is and what will be) I have stepped into my being.  My path?  To be a heart whisperer!  I strongly advocate you give yourself the (privilege of) time to participate in this retreat so you can find your own answer to what it is yours to do at this time.  The answer will bring you the experience of your inner peace and acceptance or a level of acceptance, of what has or what will arise from climate breakdown. This experience is your inner resilience and commitment to be present to yourself and others.  Each of us found our own way forward.  May you do so too”.  Kathy Russell

“Thanks to this unforgettably rich Edge retreat, my defended mind and heart have surrendered to the prospect of all round collapse and the need to prepare for deep adaptation NOW.   And so we must learn to shift from I to We, and together, we began that shift. Like a kind of ‘Doula’, Kim supported us through grief and joyful affirmation of life.  Music carried us, videos of seers and thinkers inspired us, imaginative group and pair exercises enabled a level of co-creation completely new to me. It’s been an unmissable experience…”  Andrea Davies 

“Operating under circumstances we can’t control calls for a level of wisdom that we usually can’t just intuit.  Kimberley Hare’s the Edge navigates questions without clear-cut answers in a way that leaves you feeling you are doing something about the climate crisis: becoming someone who is equipped to help wherever you’re called upon.  What do you do when you can’t save the planet? It’s a big question, and answering it without moving in directions that support despair or inaction takes a certain brand of strength. Kim’s retreat explores how we can map that strength on the way we’re already built, or where we can find it when it doesn’t seem readily available to us.  Humanity has never faced anything in the same realm as the climate crisis. I live more in a world that more readily hides the truth about it than it does arm those of us acting in good faith with the tools to change things. I can, at least, change internally, readying ourselves weather a dangerous descent through community, forebearance for those who ignore the situation or even make things worse, and a little clarity on how we can personally spend our time. The Edge helped me meaningfully along these threads.  Walking into The Edge, the more human and emotionally based rationales for facing up to climate change are front and centre. Neither moving to New Zealand nor even shutting off emissions tomorrow will save the status quo, so what is an authentic response to shifts in biodiversity, food cultivation and temperature this severe? I’m not sure, but we can start by entering spaces where the questions can be examined in good faith, like the ones Kim creates”.  Robin Black

“Facing into this topic in a supportive group helped lessen my fear. I felt it was a great privilege to be able to attend this event and feel so connected…I experienced moments of genuine joy and peace. Kim is awesome. Kept us really engaged throughout, took us to edges, and gave us the confidence to look over…..When the world ends I’d like to be beside her”.  Trudi Warner

“I’ve been actively involved in XR for over 4 years now, campaigning to protect life on our precious planet from the life-threatening impacts of the global economic machine. For me this course was an important stepping stone toward emotional acceptance of the inevitability of climate, economic and social breakdown. The four days of workshops moved me into deep connection with myself, with the group and with one particular fir tree in the grounds who I spoke to for a little over half an hour in ‘creature language’. I am hugely grateful to Kim for her natural leadership, and for this opportunity to explore a creative new direction in my work as an activist.”  Joseph Mishan

“I am just so incredibly grateful for your patience, wisdom and generosity of spirit. I genuinely hope I can contribute to spreading this understanding as a way of not only enabling us to face up to what is going on but also to have a perhaps more gentle experience of this reality. For now, I will continue to potter in in my garden and grow herbs in the fields. I think that is a very good place to start, on so many levels. I have a feeling something will occur to me.”  Jess Ryall

“The Edge retreat was really interesting and engaging and brilliantly run by Kim, who has such a deep understanding of how to include and guide all the participants.  As with all the best group learning experiences, what is learnt comes mainly from yourself and others in the group, and Kim is the guide who takes you on that magical journey of discovery.  She knows the terrain and all the beautiful spots with the best views.  When anyone offers their views or ideas it’s clear that she always genuinely sees where they are coming from and respects it fully, instead of pretending to agree or understand. In the 6 weeks since the retreat the sense of clarity and peace has remained, and even grown.  I feel I have changed as a person, much for the better, with the Retreat as an turning point for that change, and for that I am very grateful to Kim”.  Stephen Halsey

“It’s almost three weeks now since I met a completely new group of people…all held by the brave, selfless service of Kim.  I explored and shared my grief for our Mother Earth, her pain as we encounter the palpable nature of the anthropocene age and the 6 mass extinction on earth.  I re-connected to my own humanity, that of others and felt deep love for all sentient beings. It was a very special experience – I feel connected, I found great love, comfort and active hope in ‘doing the work’ – so beautifully facilitated by Kim.  Go.  Open.  Allow yourself to feel what it really is to be a human being” Abby Hone

“Last week I completed ‘The Edge’ retreat, and it was wonderful to feel so quickly at home among my fellow participants, who are all climate activists in different ways. All of us came with versions of the same question: how can I hold the tension between my knowledge of where our life on Earth is heading, alongside the everyday conversations, feelings and compromises in my life?  Simply spending time and getting to know this remarkable group of people was itself an honour and a privilege, for which I am deeply grateful to all who took part. As each day went by, Kim’s carefully crafted questions and processes, and the reflections we shared with each other, led me gently to a place where (as several of us noted) “I can take time now”. Time to pay attention to my own health and wellbeing; time to look clearly at what is happening around me; and all the while be confident that my actions are effective – even when outcomes are invisible!  With heartfelt thanks to Kim and ‘The Edge’, November 2021.”  John Ingleby

“The Edge retreat was an extraordinary experience. Going on my own and not knowing what to expect made me feel quite anxious but after talking to Kim about it she reassured me telling me to just come, to just be myself and not to worry.  She was right. As soon as I arrived I felt at ease as I found myself within a group of like-minded lovely people. All different, with an age range from 17 to 82, I immediately felt welcomed and relaxed. Within Kim’s professional and loving embrace she held us all through four days of exploring mindfully a very difficult subject that we had all been struggling with individually up until that time.  Going through those days we learnt how to each find our own paths allowing an unravelling of our own and collective feelings and thoughts. Then in a safe and loving environment we then knit these threads together with love and compassion into a coat of many colours enabling each of us to move forward when we left with renewed confidence and purpose. I would recommend it to anyone of a similar mind who is struggling with the enormous changes we all face in these difficult times.”  Fay Langston

“The Edge – an experience I will never forget. The enormous amount of love we shared as a group has changed my perspective on the potential of the human experience. Kim’s resources and activities were wonderful and incredibly insightful, coupled with the deep connection that flowed through everything we did was one of the most special and profound things I have experienced. The Edge has completely shifted the way in which I wish to interact with the world and the experience of life. I thought I knew what I valued and what I wanted to do, but now I see what life needs to do through me, there is nothing that feels more right to do. I cannot recommend anything more, nor any person more than Kim, both have changed my mindset, reinvigorated my sense of aliveness and helped me realise my threads to weave. Kim has created a truly safe and non-judgemental space for people to experience their own insights and wisdom, the teaching is all your own, no matter what perspective, experience and spiritual exploration you are coming from, there is absolutely incredible and deep intuition to be had from this. It is not a coincidence you have found out about The Edge and if it feels right, do it!”  Katrina Scales

“The Edge was a wonderful experience of connection, belonging and exploration of the times we live. We met as strangers at the beginning of the 4 days but quite quickly welcomed each other into a space of deep connection and camaraderie. We were held through our grief and anger at what is transpiring in the world and given the spiritual tool of the 3 principles which created many invaluable insights. Kim was a talented host, weaving together the various physical, practical, spiritual and emotional narratives into a common story that we could explore together. She created a space where people could really be vulnerable and feel into what was really going on. Thanks Kim!”  Julyan Davey

“The retreat was an experience like no other. In view of the subject – climate and ecological breakdown – I was expecting a lot of pain and sorrow to come out. This did happen, and it needed to be released, but what surprised me was the joy, lightness and heartfelt laughter we all shared. I met a bunch of beautiful humans with whom I connected deeply. I gained incredibly valuable insights and came away with real clarity, a sense of purpose, and a renewed faith in our collective capacity to face the most momentous challenges with courage and grace. Kim is the best, most intuitive, most human facilitator I have ever worked with. Thank you Kim, for your generosity, wisdom, strength and unfailing good humour.”  Janet Lees

“I feel truly grateful to have been on ‘The Edge’ Retreat in January 2020 run by Kimberley Hare. What I experienced in the four days went far beyond my expectations and I feel profoundly changed for it. I spent much of the last few years in a state of anger, grief, depression and anxiety around the planetary emergency we are facing and I knew I needed to find my way through these negative states. The work we did together allowed me to find my way back to the emotion that underlies everything. Through deep connection with people that I had never met before I found my way back to joy and love. Already it has changed my home life as I have shared my new understanding of honesty and vulnerability with my husband and daughter. I also feel ready to build a network of families taking action in my community based on love, rather than panic. I can’t thank Kim enough for her generosity, wisdom and open hearted guidance.” – Ellie Wyatt

“The retreat was beautiful, I went on such an incredible journey, and 4 days really gave me the space to drop into it. I feel like I now have the courage to follow my path with clarity, without the unnecessary attachment to fear, self-doubt and the overall outcome to the climate and ecological crisis. Kim is the most incredible teacher and I feel profoundly thankful to have had this opportunity. Thank you.” Rowan Henthorne.

“I came with an open mind and high expectations. What I was seeking was not exactly clear – I just knew that this was a moment. What I found was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Love manifest – fears faced – clarity found – direction clear.” Myles Daly

“Thank you so much for this experience Kim – your wisdom, generosity and grace has been an inspiration. I instantly felt at home with the group, held and seen. And I left the experience with clarity, hope and joy in my heart. I can’t go back to seeing life in the old way and my time with you has deepened my resolve to ‘live while I’m alive’! “ Andrew Moore.

“I have both been exploring the Three Principles, and been an environmental activist for nearly a decade, but this was the first time I was in a space where I could discuss one in the context of the other – and what a joy it was. With a story about being an introvert and easily feeling excluded, I normally do not enjoy retreats. However, Kim is very skilled at facilitating an event which strikes the perfect balance of structure and momentum with sensitivity and time to articulate and explore what is in the room. She also has a joy and ease which makes it easy to remember how deeply connected we all are, the strengths we do have and the hope there is to draw from that. I leave with a new found clarity and conviction to see some of the noise in my head for what it is and follow the ‘nudge’ to follow my particular path.” Erica Lewis

“I was drawn to participate in ‘The Edge’ retreat because I was wondering how to engage with the climate crisis without becoming overwhelmed and keen to find constructive ways of taking action. I found this retreat to be just what I needed. Kim and the group created a safe space where we took the time to really allow our emotions to be experienced and expressed, without getting lost in them. Kim navigated us wonderfully through different types of exercises and shared many things that inspired her and helped us look at the state of our world from a different perspective. For me the combination of the three frameworks (The Work that Reconnects, Deep Adaptation and The Three Principles) worked brilliantly. I am so so grateful to receive this gift of time and connection and would truly recommend this retreat and Kim’s coaching”  Eveline Tijs

“Prior to ‘The Edge’, I was looking for a way to combine my Three Principles understanding with the climate crisis and to be able to explore and process my own feelings about the planet. Kim’s facilitation at The Edge was exactly what I was hoping for. Kim guided us through the four days, whilst holding us in a space of love, acceptance and safety. The activities were varied, which meant that I was able to engage in different ways with my own feelings and give space for insight to arise. I was able to take my own journey through the retreat, finding my own ways forwards. I loved this about The Edge: there was no one thing in particular that was expected and nowhere in particular for us to reach. It was about being together as a community and taking our own path, letting the journey unfold as it would. I don’t know where else I could have done this. It was a really valuable opportunity for me.” Vicky Otter

“I very much appreciated the depth of your preparation – and your attention to the process. A major factor was the trust everyone had in you, which was what created the climate of safety, which I think was exceptional” George Levvy

“I loved the retreat. I particularly loved the love, connection and presence you brought. The way you facilitated very challenging themes. It was entirely free from that expert/amateur, teacher/student, guru/follower vibe that distances people from the very thing the teaching is pointing to and has had me fall out of love with retreats and gatherings generally. I felt that you were seamlessly teacher, learner, speaker, listener etc with no attachment to any particular role or way of being perceived and that that way of being was pivotal in allowing the experience/recognition of our shared humanity and consciousness to emerge as it did. I really liked the way you brought music and video into the mix. The experience wasn’t long enough for me… but having said that, where I ended up was perfect”. Emma McDevitt

“I wanted to extend a massive thank you to you all for such an incredible few days. Firstly to Kim for running the event, especially using the gift economy and so enabling me to take part and also for your total dedication to helping us navigate through this important subject. Thanks too for all the incredible resources you’ve sent through. Secondly an enormous thank you to each and every one of you, for your wisdom, your input, your love, your energy and your commitment to making a difference – which after an initial sense of personal inadequacy, has filled me with a real compulsion to step up and get going on this” Maureen Garner

“I’d like to thank you so much for your love, energy, inspiration, creativity in creating this incredible retreat. It is a wonderful gift to the world – it has been so impactful for me and all of us at the retreat, I’m sure creating a beautiful ripple effect for those around us too. It is waking me up to what I (and we all) really are on the inside. I’ve remained in that calm and connected space following the retreat and had further insights. I’m very excited to see where this will lead!” Norbert Sobolak

“Wow, what can I say? The experience I had on the retreat with you all was life-changing, and I don’t use that term lightly! It’s hard to put into words what it meant to me, not just to be amongst others who are awake to the climate crisis but to be together in a particular way; honouring the pain and grief and holding space for one another to express them, but also looking beyond those feelings to something far more powerful and being together in the awareness of who we really are.  I’m incredibly grateful to all of you for showing up in the way you did, it was an absolute honour to be part of it! A HUGE thank you to Kim for your wisdom, generosity and love. ”  Kathryn Eales