Template letter to your MP

Dear [First Name, Surname], MP

Much has been done recently to highlight our climate and ecological predicaments and to accelerate the ‘Race to Net Zero’ – the policies and actions necessary to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and remove carbon pollution from the atmosphere (mitigation).

However, according to the UK Climate Change Committee (CCC), climate change is here now and further warming is ‘baked in’ to the system. Disruption is inevitable. We must face this fact, and adapt and build resilience to intensifying extreme weather events as best we can.

In the last week of June, a heatwave baked parts of Canada and Northwest USA. Canada saw 486 heat-related deaths. Here buildings are without air-conditioning or other adaptations for extreme heat. After reaching a high of 49.6oC, the small village of Lytton was evacuated and burned down from ensuing wildfires.

This extreme heat so far north (on a similar latitude to southern England) exceeds worst-case climate models.

This news comes straight after the publication of three pivotal reports from the CCC. The key messages from the reports on climate risk, preparedness and reducing emissions in the UK are “We are not on track”, “It’s worse than previously thought” and “We need a ‘Race to Resilience.’ “

You can read these reports and supporting materials on the CCC website and a summary of the findings from HEART Community Group, a Hertfordshire-based group who are advocating for adaptation and resilience locally.  www.HEARTCommunityGroup.org 

We need adaptation as well as mitigation.

As a member of HEART Community group, I am committed to advocating on this issue and contributing to local resilience in [your constituency, e.g. DELETE AS APPROPRIATE Broxbourne, Harpenden & Hitchin, Hemel Hempstead, Hertford and Stortford, Hertsmere, North East Hertfordshire, South West Hertfordshire, St Albans, Stevenage, Watford, Welwyn Hatfield] and elsewhere in the county.

Our group engages with and supports local leaders about climate risk and adaptation, and provides support to members of the public ‘waking-up’ to the very real possibility of worst-case scenarios of climate change and other planetary predicaments.

We would gratefully appreciate an introductory meeting with you to discuss ways that you can help to further the adaptation agenda. For example:

  • Support Baroness Brown and the CCC in their recommendations on Adaptation and the ‘Race to Resilience’
  • Advocate for UK adaptation/resilience within your political party, Parliament and our constituency.

I’m sure you will have more ideas about how we can raise awareness of these issues and progress preparedness for climate risks.

To find out more about our group, climate risk and the need for adaptation and resilience, visit our website: www.heartcommunitygroup.org

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

With best wishes,

[Your first name, your surname]

[Your address]

[Your phone number]