Which Column are you In?



Column 1:

Mainstream (Shrinking Rapidly)

Column 2:

Business as Usual but Greener

Column 3:


Column 4:

Collapse Aware (Growing Rapidly)


Business as usual. Yes, it’s a problem but ‘in the future’ and ‘elsewhere’

Everybody must do their bit. 

Renewables. Fly less. Eat less meat. Carbon capture and geo-engineering projects.

Work towards 2050 Paris Agreement targets.

Perceived as a ‘crisis’ but not an existential threat

Existential Threat

Extinction Rebellion, School Strikers, Earth Movement: Peaceful Civil Disobedience

Mitigation and Adaptation.

If we wait for Governments it will be too late.

Transformative Adaptation.


Too late for mitigation-only due to locked-in warming and feedback loops.

Prepare now and build community resilience – as well as mitigation in order to ‘extend the glide’

Deep Adaptation

Minimize suffering.

Psycho-spiritual approaches

Political & Economic System

Industrial Growth & Extractive Capitalism

“Build Back Better” Capitalism

Nicely summed up by this quote:

“It’s an engineering problem, and has engineering solutions” (Rex Tillerson, ex-CEO of ExxonMobil and former US Secretary of State)



Circular & Regenerative Economy e.g. Doughnut

Citizens Assemblies

Mutual Aid and Community Building


Business As Usual System and ‘civilised’ society collapses – probably messy and very different depending on where you live.

Any new economy will be hyper-local and community-based

What’s most important now?

Recovering Economy post-Covid

Net-Zero by 2050

Being perceived as a ‘leader’ – resulting in much greenwashing

Transition to a “greener” economy – but still business as usual in terms of infinite growth 


Advocate and campaign for radical change.

Transformative Adaptation

Adaptation & Preparation now for climate-resilience

Deep Adaptation.

Build community resilience: neighbourhood ‘pods’

Climate Emergency Centres in Local Communities


Likely Outcome?

Carbon emissions still growing. Tipping points passed, 3 – 4 degrees warming may be baked in

Lots of Greenwashing

Economic Growth still the sacred cow


Much suffering – which will vary depending on where you live and your level of privilege:  social injustice; conflict over scarce resources? mass migration? famine? authoritarian governments? Dramatic drop in human population?

May result in transition to a better way of life (albeit with much suffering in the process)

Paul Chefurka: Stage of Awakening Asleep Awareness of one fundamental problem – usually GHG emissions Awareness of many problems – and interconnectedness of these

Awareness that our predicament encompasses all aspects of Life – including the ‘stories’ of our industrialised civilization, and the stories individuals have created about who they are.

Pro Life (all Life – not just human). Realisation that we ARE nature, and that it is not simply a resource and dumping ground for humans.

Learning to reconnect with our deeper selves, each other, and all of Nature.

A shift from ‘I’ to ‘We’.